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7 June 2016
Oh Erica iromuji tailshirt
7 June 2016
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Oh Erica hadagi tee

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  • Open sleeves and neckline for fresh feeling
  • Fancy short sleeves adorning shoulders help keep them in the right position
  • Sawn from two pieces for perfect simplicity
  • Tunic look for apres riding occasions
  • Contrasting swallow-shaped back for smart dressage look
  • Contrasting trim and designer print encoding a message inspired by Erica Poseley’s – „Unmovable Frame” concept: “Winds blow, typhoons roar, worlds collide, yet you remain undisturbed”. And that is how you should be in the saddle, transferring this calmness onto the horse. Once you find your unmovable frame, make sure you keep it, regardless of the horse under you or any other elements around you. And that is the message encoded in these two shirts, wholly inspired by Erica’s concept. Always keep your frame in mind!
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